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On-Site Training Programs

Training in the operation, maintenance and safe use of dry ice blasting machines is important.

For customers who purchase or rent equipment from us, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting provides on- site training of personnel with an emphasis on safe and productive operation of the equipment.


Customer Training Package

  • Onsite Training – training of training of customer's employees in equipment operation, safety, cleaning techniques and applications.

  • Training Video – provides detailed instructions for installation and operation of your unit, blasting tips, and simple step-by-step maintenance procedures.

  • Training Workbook – designed as a training companion to the video. Fill-in-the-blanks and take notes as you watch the video.

  • User's Guide – designed as a training companion to the video.Fill-in-the-blanks and take notes as you watch the video.

  • Certification Program – testing program available for certification of employees as dry ice blasting systems operators.