Viking SnowHorn

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Viking SnowHorn

The Viking SnowHorn, hose and pistol grip valve provides a convenient way to obtain CO2 snow using either a high pressure CO2 siphon cylinder or a liquid cylinder designed for liquid withdrawal (both cylinders are available through your local gas supplier).

The standard assembly comes complete with a CGA 320 nut and gland and a supply of Teflon™ washers for easy connection to a siphon CO2 or liquid cylinder complete with liquid withdrawal.

Conveniently Portable

The six-foot flexible hose is stainless steel construction and the pistol grip valve is brass construction covered with plastic grips for ergonomic comfort. The valve automatically shuts off when the trigger is released. The assembly incorporates a 1500 psig safety relief valve in the event CO2 liquid becomes trapped in the hose.

Features of the Viking SnowHorn:

High-flow snow horn
Pistol grip valve with auto shutoff
Safety relief valve
Stainless steel and brass construction

Specifications of the Viking SnowHorn:

CGA 320 brass connections
6' x 1/4' braided stainless steel hose
24" snow horn
3/8 inlet 1/4" outlet pistol grip valve rated at 4000 psig
1500 psig safety relief valve 

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