RE80 Recovery Unit

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RE80 Recovery Unit

Normal dry ice production uses liquid CO2 which when depressurised converts just over half the volume into snow but the rest escapes and is lost. The snow is then compressed into dry ice pellets.

But, by using the revolutionary new RE80 Recovery Unit, all of the escaping gas is directed back, collected and reused to make more pellets. The unit converts liquid to solid in the ratio 1.12:1, compared to about 1.6:1 for old-fashioned ‘balloon’-type recovery technology.

The recycling becomes a continuous process and will reduce production costs by 50% and rapidly increase operating margins and profits. Payback periods under 12 months are easily achievable.

The small size unit is easily installed and can be integrated into a production or packing process along with the PE80 Pelletizer for manufacturing of dry ice in any size of pellets/nuggets ranging from 1.7mm (1/16") to 8mm (5/16").

The RE80 Recovery Unit now allows users to produce up to 80 kg/hour (175 lbs./hour) dry ice. Based on the 80 kg building blocks, multiple unit systems can be built up to produce any quantity of dry ice with outstanding operational and economic efficiency.

The operator-friendly design is simplicity itself, requiring just one switch to activate. The RE80 Recovery is a dry ice blasting machine with many benefits and capabilities.

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