Log Cabin Restoration: Wickens’ specialized cleaning techniques are a safe & effective way to preserve a Canadian icon

Posted On October 17, 2018


Log cabins are iconic in Canada for good reason. Symbolizing simplicity and the great outdoors, they are also an integral part of our history, being the original homes of European settlers.

The abundance of trees and forests made the construction of log cabins a logical choice, and timber was used for everything from homes and schools to stores and other public buildings. 

Although modern construction methods and materials are now used for most homes, log cabins are still popular today, especially amongst cottage owners. In Ontario, cottage country is dotted with quaint, rustic cabins that act as a retreat from daily life. For a solid structure, Douglas fir, cedar, pine or spruce trees are often used in the construction. 

While the wood from these trees is strong and beautiful, it is also vulnerable to the elements and will weather over time. Even though the wood is treated with protective products, atmospheric and carbon conditions, and seasonal temperature changes, which are harsh and extreme in Canada, eventually cause the wood to discolour.   

Luckily, there is a safe way to clean and restore log cabin exteriors. Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has extensive experience cleaning log cabins using special blasting techniques that are non-harmful to the surrounding environment.

Trained technicians and portable equipment can be mobilized to almost any location – even off the beaten trail. Once the property and surroundings have been prepared, the blasting work begins. Wicken’s process is very thorough, with specialized blasting machines able to get into the hard to reach places in the corners, along the roof, and the chinking between the logs. After the blasting has been completed, a sealant can be applied to the wood to help prolong the renewed finish of the wood 

The process is also fast and minimally disruptive. On average, the restoration of a single story log home can be completed in only two to three days.

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