Wickens high ceiling cleaning

Commercial and Industrial High Level Cleaning: 3 Things You Should Know

Posted On February 24, 2016

The ceilings of factories and commercial properties are often overlooked in the cleaning process – but ceilings need some attention too.  Dry ice blasting is a particularly effective method for cleaning commercial and industrial ceilings that have corrugated steal decking and trusses.  Blasting can be done as part of a regular cleaning routine, after a fire or in instances where paint is flaking off and falling into your production and process areas. It...

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wickens sandblasting

Sandblasting: Top 5 Uses for Sandblasting

Posted On January 22, 2016

Sandblasting has evolved a lot over the years, while still remaining one of the most popular cleaning methods.  Although we still refer to the process as sandblasting, there’s actually no sand involved - at least, not anymore.  With many potential health risks associated with inhaling...

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wickens sand ice

Sand Blasting vs Dry Ice Blasting: What’s Right for Your Business

Posted On December 21, 2015

Once upon a time, sandblasting was the “go-to” industrial cleaning solution.  However, thanks to its many advantages, including an easier clean up, dry ice blasting has quickly gained in popularity.  We’ve compared sand blasting and dry ice blasting below, to help you determine which is...

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Wickens roof mould

Rooftop Remedy Gets to the Heart of Attic Mould Problem

Posted On December 10, 2015

by Peter Kenter from the Daily Commercial News The roof was peeled off this townhouse complex in Mississauga, Ont. to access moulded rafters and joists. Blasting equipment was used to shave the wood surfaces, exposing clean timber and...

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Wickens other blasting methods

Is Dry Ice Blasting Better Than Other Blasting Methods?

Posted On December 7, 2015

Dry ice blasting has plenty of advantages, and all of those benefits have helped to make it one of our most popular cleaning methods.  But how does dry ice blasting compare to other blasting techniques, like sandblasting, soda blasting, or water blasting?  Read below...

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wickens what is dry ice blasting

What is Dry Ice And How Can it Help Your Business

Posted On November 18, 2015

If you’ve ever been to a haunted house, you’ve seen dry ice - or, rather, the sublimation of dry ice as it turns from a solid into a gas.  Dry ice is what creates that eerie fog that adds to a haunted house’s already...

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Dry Ice Blasting Cost: 5 Reasons Why Dry Ice Blasting is Worth the Investment

Posted On November 18, 2015

There are lots of different industrial cleaning solutions on the market today - and dry ice blasting is quickly becoming one of the most popular, despite its potentially larger price tag.  Upfront, dry ice blasting may appear to be a bigger investment, however, it’s...

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ice clean 4

Ice and Clean: Dry Ice Blasting Moving Into Construction

Posted On September 9, 2015

The Daily Commercial News recently published an article featuring the technology behind the cleaning process of Wickens Dry Ice Blasting. The article explains how abrasive media cleaning is growing in numerous industries due to the vast spectrum of surfaces that can be cleaned. Read...

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Soda Blast Cleaning for Fire Restoration

Posted On September 9, 2015

Fire can cause a lot of damage. Caught early, the damage can be limited, but soot, smoke and grime left over once the fire has been extinguished can cause problems. Luckily, many people are taking advantage of the effects that soda blast cleaning can...

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Ice Blast Cleaning for Industrial Plants Offers Shorter Downtimes

Posted On September 9, 2015

Industrial plants, large and small, require regular cleaning. An unscheduled plant shutdown at any facility any time of year can be devastating, but luckily it is easily avoidable by ensuring that all equipment is properly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning processes sometimes require downtime as well...

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