Wickens removes asbestos from a three-story office building

Posted On June 22, 2018

Danger Asbestos Removal Until as late as the 1990s, asbestos was commonly used in building materials in Canada. Being a strong, fibrous mineral that is resistant to fire, asbestos was incorporated into everything from insulation and shingles to tiles, paint and cement. When it was discovered that inhaling asbestos fibers causes serious lung disease, the use of asbestos was regulated and banned in many countries. Still found in...

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lighthouse resoration

Lighthouse Restoration: Wickens removes lead paint from a historic lighthouse

Posted On April 17, 2018

Marking the entrance to the Niagara River is a lighthouse that once guided boats and ships arriving via Lake Ontario. Built in 1903, the distinct white and red structure is no longer in use but stands as a historic attraction in a public park. ...

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fire restoration three phases

Fire Restoration in Three-Phases: Wickens helps clean up a condo building after fire

Posted On April 5, 2018

In April 2017, a three-level, 22-unit condo building caught fire in Smith Falls, Ontario. All residents had to be evacuated as the fire quickly spread from the back of the building to the roof. 50 firefighters arrived on the scene to help, and luckily,...

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canadian plaza cleaning

Making a good impression: Wickens uses Dry Ice Blasting to clean the Canadian Plaza canopy

Posted On February 21, 2018

Extending across the Niagara River, from Fort Erie, Ontario to Buffalo, New York, the Peace Bridge is a heavily trafficked border crossing, handling over 6 million vehicles annually. On the Canadian side of the bridge, visitors are greeted by the...

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Blog Photo Fire Restoration Project WTS

Wickens successfully completes a large-scale fire restoration project in only 10 days

Posted On January 19, 2018

A fire can be devastating for any business. Even after the safety of employees has been assured, the loss of equipment and assets, and production downtime, can result in a serious loss of business. If dealt with quickly and properly, business loses can be minimized....

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schools out for summer

School’s out for summer

Posted On December 12, 2017

Wickens carries out a restoration project at an Oshawa Public School Like any other material, concrete is susceptible to the elements and tends to deteriorate over time. In Canada, in particular, materials used for the exterior of buildings are exposed to widely fluctuating temperatures, harsh...

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good for the environment cropped

Good for business, good for the environment

Posted On October 24, 2017

Dry Ice Blasting is the eco-friendly solution With all that is reported about climate change and the effects of pollution on the ozone layer, global warming and our environment, it’s becoming more and more important to replace toxic processes with eco-friendly alternatives. ...

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blog lead paint removal

Lead paint removal requires a specialized process

Posted On May 17, 2017

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has the expertise to safely remove lead paint. There is some misunderstanding about the immediate dangers of lead paint. Many believe that any exposure to this product is dangerous when, in fact, lead paint that is fully intact and undisturbed...

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Intelblast program bakeries NEW

Dry ice blasting saves food processing companies time and money

Posted On April 11, 2017

Cleanliness in food processing facilities is not only necessary to prevent food from becoming contaminated, which can lead to food poisoning and disease, but also to meet government regulations for food safety, enable maximum plant productivity by keeping equipment in proper working order, and to...

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relative humidity arena

It’s all relative: high relative humidity levels in ice arenas cause mould contamination

Posted On February 6, 2017

Ice rinks are a part of Canada’s national identity. With hockey being our national sport, most Canadians have, at one time or another, sat bundled in warm clothes, watching a hockey game in an arena. Maintaining the ice in an arena requires a cooling...

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