November 16th , 2007      
Is Downtime Eating Away
At Your Profits?

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning eliminates the costly downtime associated with the disassembly of production lines and the cooling down of ovens with the ability to clean machinery thoroughly, in-tact while in operation. Not only does this decrease the amount of downtime on the production floor, but eliminates the additional labor costs associated with the specialized disassembly & reassembly of equipment.

By using only food-grade Dry Ice Pellets, Dry Ice Blasting allows for production to begin immediately after cleaning with no contaminates or harmful chemical residues. Dry Ice pellets sublimate once they have hit the surface to be cleaned, converting directly from a solid blast pellet to a vapor, leaving a clean dry surface with no residue.

Inhibit Bacterial Growth by
Destroying Mold Spores
Dry Ice is a natural, anti-bacterial cleaning method that disinfects while it inhibits bacteria and mold growth. Because of the extreme temperature of -79ºc, the food grade dry ice pellets sublimate on contact killing bacteria and fungi immediately. Dry Ice Blasting is a dry process without the use of water, destroying mold spores, and other biological agents that settle into built up material.

Won't Fry Electrical
Dry Ice Blast cleaning leaves a dry surface, reducing the need for drying downtime, making it safe on motors, electrical and computerized equipment. Motors, switches and control panels   are safe from short circuiting and other potential equipment damage associated with other cleaning methods.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

• Reduce production downtime with faster cleaning
• Eliminate chemicals and reduce waste
• Eliminate cool down/heat up time
• Eliminate disassembly/reassembly of equipment
• Eliminate the need to relubricate chains, bearings or pivot joints

Dry Ice Blasting Successfully cleans:
• Conveyors and Airveyors
• Molds and Plates
• Mixing equipment with uncooked residue
• Packaging equipment with paper dust
• Glue heads in labeling equipment
• Carbon build up in ovens and fryers

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers several ways to keep the bread in your business:
  1. Contract dry ice blasting service, one phone call for complete package of experienced crew, equipment and consumables.
  2. Dry ice cleaning equipment packages for purchase, featuring the Triblast-2 and nozzle case, the most versatile machine available at the lowest cost.
  3. Complete rental packages of dry ice equipment and consumables with delivery and pickup service.
For more information on Wickens Dry Ice Blasting and to arrange a no-obligation on-site demonstration today visit:
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