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Safe for the Environment
Why You Should Use Dry Ice Blast Cleaning:
  • Process approved by the EPA, FD and the USDA,
  • No contaminants or chemicals are used,
  • No hazardous or secondary waste created, therefore no need for specialty disposal
  • Dry Ice Pellets made from Liquid Carbon Dioxide, a by-product from other industrial processes – talk about recycling!

If you’re not convinced – keep reading…

Other Cleaning Methods can be
Toxic & Harmful

What cleaning method are you currently using for your equipment, machinery and production facilities? You may think it’s doing the job, but is it? And is it harming the environment more than necessary? Take a look at the safe and efficient effects from Dry Ice Cleaning.

METHOD: Chemical Cleaning, Solvent Cleaning
EFFECT: Creates toxic waste for hazardous and costly disposal

METHOD: Sand Blasting, Soda Blasting, Water Blasting
EFFECT: Secondary waste in addition to toxic substrate,
Downstream contamination effecting surrounding installations

METHOD: Chemical & Solvent Cleaning, Sand Blasting
EFFECT: Creates a harmful work environment; speciality materials and clothing is required to operate or complete cleaning; workers can inhale particles or fumes, cause sickness or health risks; substances and secondary waste can become airborne and travel to other areas of the facility and settle on other equipment.

Eliminate the Need for
Harmful Chemicals

The Dry Ice Blasting industry is the leading force replacing harmful detergent and solvent pollution as well as reducing disposal problems. The compound of carbon dioxide that makes up Dry Ice has no negative effect on the environment, therefore the Dry Ice Blasting process has a less than minimal role in contributing to the greenhouse effect.

ISO 14001 Standards;
Meet Them With Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice remains one of the most effective and safe ways to clean your industrial facility or equipment. This eco friendly cleaning alternative fulfills the critical need for companies to improve worker safety and to abide by government regulations. Dry ice blasting complies with these regulations and has no issues pertaining to toxicity.

Interested in more about ISO 14001 Standards and Regulations?

HERE are the Canadian Government's Environmental Management Systems Regulations.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers several ways to clean your equipment in a non-toxic way:
  1. Contract Dry Ice Blasting Service: one phone call for an experienced crew, a complete package, or assistance, with equipment and consumables.
  2. Complete rental packages of Dry Ice equipment and consumables with delivery and pickup service.
  3. Dry Ice Cleaning equipment packages for purchase, featuring the Triblast-2 and nozzle case, the most versatile machine available at the lowest cost.


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