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Production facilities, assembly lines and manufacturing equipment incur large amounts of built up residues such as grit, dust, oil and grime. Inevitably this slows down production, creates a variety of mechanical breakdowns, and quality control suffers. In turn, these issues can lead to bigger problems of creating an unsafe work environment and unrecoverable costs such as increased downtime and decreased profits. Overcome and Prevent these issues with Dry Ice Blasting.

More Effective Cleaning
With Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
• Eco-friendly
• Ideal for harsh environments
• Fast 'in and out' cleaning process
• Completely dry
• Replaces solvent cleaning
• Adds no secondary waste
• Safe on all equipment and electrical components
• Does not require machinery to be disassembled

Dry Ice Blasting is a cleaning process designed to help increase your profits and decrease your downtime so you can run a production line and plant with improved efficiency.


Run A More Efficient Plant
Dry Ice Blasting is an industrial cleaning process, which is non-abrasive, non-toxic and completely dry on contact with no residual blast media cleanup. This cleaning process can be used to eliminate a large variety of residues and surface contaminates that can create a harsh environment for production or assembly. Offering a multitude of advantages over traditional cleaning methods, Dry Ice Blasting is a far superior, cost effective and efficient cleaning method for industrial settings.

How Does It Work?
The Dry Ice Pellets are propelled at supersonic speed with compressed air targeting the built up residue. Upon impact, the Dry Ice creates a micro-thermal shock (caused by the extreme cold temperature of -79ºC) breaking the bond between the residue coating and the substrate. The high-pressure air stream removes debris from the surface, while the Dry Ice Pellets vaporize (sublimate) on contact, leaving parts in an "almost new" state.

Where Dry Ice Blasting
is Being Used
Dry Ice Blasting is such a versatile and portable technology that it makes it easy to clean anything from tiny, sensitive electrical and machine parts to entire facilities - floor to ceiling. Examples within the industry are many, but the following 2 show the broad spectrum of the medium's capabilities.
Customer Testimonial
Heidelberg Canada - Printing Tecturn
"From our experience with your Dry Ice cleaning services, we have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone whose needs are similar to ours, namely the non-abrasive, non-corrosive removal of heavy deposits of dried ink, hardened grease and similar deposits from precision machinery."

Heidelberg Canada

Customer Testimonial
F & P Manufacturing - Switches

Restore Your Plant Back to a Productive Environment
Wickens Dry Ice Blasting provides Dry Ice Blasting equipment, accessories, and contract cleaning services to suit any cleaning need in your industry. Reduce the harsh environment in your plant today by scheduling Dry Ice Blasting regularly (less often than with other cleaning methods). To learn more about this thorough cleaning process, please contact us at 1-888-301-0044 or visit us on the web for an online information resource.
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