October 15 , 2007      
Is Graffiti Devaluing
Your Property?

Graffiti is becoming a growing problem. Graffiti has a tendency to influence other problems within an area including littering and dumping, loitering, unlawful activities and poor property maintenance.
Call Wickens Dry Ice Blasting to eliminate graffiti from limestone, brick, aluminum, concrete, plastic and wood, safely in one cleaning! Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers a safe and environmentally friendly process to blast away graffiti from any surface.

The process of Dry Ice Blasting uses ice pellets to remove unwanted debris, it is not harmful to the substrate being cleaned or to the environment. Combined with our eco-friendly, specially formulated ingredients, (specifically created for the removal of paint and permanent inks) Wickens Dry Ice Blasting is able to remove most graffiti within one session of cleaning. And because it leaves a completely dry, odourless surface, it is ideal for the interiors of buildings as well!

How Does It Work?

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting graffiti removal products are custom formulated for specific removal needs. From the most delicate surfaces, to the most stubborn, porous surfaces, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers 6 products that are custom formulated for the removal of graffiti. The formulation is applied to the graffiti, left to set and then removed with the Dry Ice Blaster.

The Dry Ice Blasting process will lift the paint or ink from the substrate with no damage to the surface, leaving only the removed paint for clean up. The Dry Ice Pellets sublimate on contact, leaving no secondary waste or harmful substances to the environment.

The 5 Negative
Effects of Graffiti
  1. Risk to health, safety and welfare of the community
  2. Conveys a perception that laws protecting public and private property are of low importance
  3. Creates a sense of disrespect in the community and can encourage unlawful activity and community degradation
  4. A nuisance affecting property value, business opportunity and enjoyment of the community
  5. Offensive to individuals and groups

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers several ways to combat graffiti, renewing your property:
  1. Contract dry ice blasting service, one phone call for complete package of experienced crew, equipment and consumables.
  2. Dry ice equipment purchase and removal products, featuring the Triblast-2, nozzle case and dryer package,
    the ideal package for graffiti removal.
  3. Complete rental packages of dry ice equipment and consumables with delivery and pickup service.
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