February 20, 2008      

with Less Cost and in Less Time!
Recovering from fire damage can be a costly operation when using traditional methods like sanding, scraping and wire brushing. These methods can take 3 to 5 restoration cleaners and 5 to 6 working days depending on the job, costing you valueable time and money. Dry Ice Blasting requires only 1 cleaning in less time with fewer operators and cleans more effectively helping you and your business recover faster and more effeciently from fire damage.

A More Thorough Cleaning by
Reaching Areas Other Methods Cannot
The Dry Ice Blast stream reaches the smallest cracks, creases and wood joints where wire brushes or hand cleaning cannot. This allows for a better evaluation of the damage otherwise hidden by smoke or soot, which is important after a fire for structural inspection, health and general maintenance.

Removes Signs of Fire Damage
Dry Ice Blasting thoroughly removes smoke, soot, vaporized synthetic resins, char, and reduces the musty, burnt smell left from a fire disaster. Dry Ice pellets sublimate on contact creating a completely dry process leaving no secondary waste for clean up. There are no harmful chemicals used and no additional waste to clean up, unlike other traditional methods. Dry Ice Blasting is equally effective on steel and concrete superstructures as it is on wooden floors, ceiling and roof joists or masonry surfaces.

Safe on Electrical

Dry Ice Blasting is superior to other cleaning methods because after cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting leaves a dry surface, eliminating the need for drying downtime and making it safe on electrical components and wiring, junction boxes, power panels, ductwork, and plumbing. Motors, control panels and electrical equipment are safe from short circuiting or equipment damage that is associated with any other cleaning method.

Benefits of Treating Fire Damage With Dry Ice Blasting:
  • Reduces downtime with faster cleaning
  • Eliminates chemicals, residues and odours
  • Eliminate disassembly/reassembly of equipment by cleaning in and around tight areas
  • Reduces costs by cleaning more quickly and effectively
  • Allows for better assessment for post fire inspection


"We called on Wickens Dry Ice Blasting to handle a large commercial fire in a Brampton Auto dealership over a weekend. On less than a days notice, crews were assembled, material and equipment placed on site the work was carried out over a weekend. Dry ice blasting was used in the shop area where the fire started, cleaning walls, ceilings and hoists and other equipment. The job Wickens did for us was exceptional and your service was outstanding. We received a lot cooperation in planning and scheduling as we coordinated other aspects of the restoration."

Dan Toth, Belfor Restoration

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers several ways to help restore your business after a fire:
  1. Contract Dry Ice Blasting Service: one phone call for an experienced crew, a complete package, or assistance, with equipment and consumables.
  2. Complete rental packages of Dry Ice equipment and consumables with delivery and pickup service.
  3. Dry Ice Cleaning equipment packages for purchase, featuring the Triblast-2 and nozzle case, the most versatile machine available at the lowest cost.
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