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Clean and Assess Fire Damage Quickly

Assessing fire damage of any building is problematic if the surface damage has not been cleaned. Dry Ice Blasting has proven that it shortens the overall timeline of fire restoration. Wickens Dry Ice Blasting fulfills this service allowing engineers to inspect structural integrity and property managers in partnership with general contractors to assess actual damage to the property.

  • Case study highlights
  • Dry sponges used to clean cross contaminated smoke residues
  • Lingering smoke odour eliminated
  • Detailed cleaning with dry ice
  • Charring stripped with low dust olivine abrasives

A Case of Extreme Fire Damage

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting recently cleaned a building over five days that was ravaged by severe fire. The costs of the damage to the building and the loss of its use were in the millions. Large areas of ceilings, walls and flooring on several levels of the 7,000 square foot building were either directly damaged by fire or heavily contaminated with soot and smoke. The destruction in detail included damage to the brick, paint and corridors of the building and an undeniable heavy smoke odour throughout the premises. Wickens Dry Ice Blasting services were crucial in the cleaning, odour control and the rebuilding process.

The Steps

There were several steps in this job to clean extensive damage to metal and masonry surfaces. First, Wickens Dry Ice technicians masked copper piping and electrical outlets to protect any electrical and plumbing components from further damage. Second, several blast techniques were used to clear the major physical damage. Thirdly for extensive damage, specialty, low dust olivine abrasives were used to strip away extreme charring and debris while final and detailed cleaning was completed with dry ice. Lastly Dry Sponges were used to clean cross-contaminated soot and smoke residues and finally, layers of semi-pigmented prime were applied to seal the porous surfaces to ensure that the lingering smoke odour would be eliminated.

How Dry Ice Blasting saved them time and money

Using the innovative technique of Dry Ice Blasting in Phase I emergency cleaning, makes good sense and saves you money. The professionals at Wickens Dry Ice Blasting can help you speed up the Phase I process and get you assessing, costing and restoring property damage fast. Saving you the costs you may incur if an engineer and general contractor had to conduct a raw/dirty assessment. Weather conditions and the relocation of residents in this particular case study put strict time limits on the property managers to schedule cleaning and rebuilding. Wickens Dry Ice Blasting’s’ rapid cleaning cut restoration times in half. Reducing restoration costs, relocation costs for the property managers and restored this building to its’ original condition and profitable use.

Benefits of Treating Fire Damage With Dry Ice Blasting:
  • Reduces downtime with faster cleaning
  • Eliminates chemicals, residues and odours
  • Eliminate disassembly/reassembly of equipment by cleaning in and around tight areas
  • Reduces costs by cleaning more quickly and effectively
  • Allows for better assessment for post fire inspection

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers several ways to help restore your business after a fire:
  1. Contract Dry Ice Blasting Service: one phone call for an experienced crew, a complete package, or assistance, with equipment and consumables.
  2. Complete rental packages of Dry Ice equipment and consumables with delivery and pickup service.
  3. Dry Ice Cleaning equipment packages for purchase, featuring the Triblast-2 and nozzle case, the most versatile machine available at the lowest cost.


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