May 27th, 2009      
Use Dry Ice on Electrical!
Dry Ice Cleans Electrical Equipment Safely, & Thoroughly, with NO Risk of Damage!

Cleaning with Dry Ice has tremendous operational benefits; it is a completely dry process with a disappearing media that is non-damaging, very fast and provides a deeper and more thorough clean on rotors, stators, gas turbines, electric motors and other electrical equipment.

The environmental benefits of Dry Ice cleaning are dramatic; the cleaning media is a natural, recycled substance, there is no water or chemical used and no secondary waste is generated.

1/3rd of the Debris Removed is from Previous Grit Blasting.
Restrictions of grit and solvent cleaning on electrical equipment may cause less important or delicate areas of equipment to be overlooked during maintenance. Solvent cleaning can miss tight areas and grit cleaning creates build up on equipment. Dry Ice Blasting systems have been designed to thoroughly clean machinery so efficiency can be restored without unwanted cleanup and secondary waste. Detailed and complicated equipment remains safely intact with no damage.
Prevents Costly Downtime and Timely Outages
Dry Ice Blasting produces no hazardous or secondary waste and is dry on impact. There is no need for most disassembly, cleanup and reclamation costs associated with other methods. Scheduled maintenance can prevent power outages, downtime and having to deal with crisis maintenance. Blasting also decontaminates radioactive equipment and reduces leeching contaminants after cleaning. Get more out of production with cleaner, more efficient systems.


"Our engineers love the fact that we can clean motors and generators faster and cleaner than ever before."

"One-third of the debris removed from our stators by Dry Ice Blasting originated from previous grit blasting."

Ontario Power Generation

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting can supply all of your Dry Ice Blasting needs with:
  1. Dry ice equipment purchase, featuring the Triblast-2, nozzle case and dryer package.
  2. Contract dry ice blasting service, one phone call for complete package of experienced crew, equipment and consumables.
  3. Complete rental packages of dry ice equipment and consumables with delivery and pickup service.
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