November 2008      
Dry Ice Blasting:
Industrial Cleaning with
A Clean Conscious

It's unfortunate to think of the negative effect traditional industrial cleaning methods using chemicals, solvents or sand have on our planet – not to mention the secondary waste that is also created and needed to be specially disposed of!

Approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA, Dry Ice Blasting will help reduce the costs associated with secondary waste clean up, increase your operation's efficiency, and leave no carbon footprint to the environment.

No Chemicals Required,
No Secondary Waste Created...

Just a Disappearing Act
Unlike other traditional cleaning methods, Dry Ice Blasting creates no secondary waste. Upon impact, the Dry Ice Pellets create a microthermal shock breaking the bond between the residue and the subtrate. Allowing the grime to drop to the ground, there is no chemical or secondary waste created from the process and no need for hazadardous disposal.

The Dry Ice is obtained as a by-product of other industrial processes made from reclaimed CO2. It does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.


How Other Cleaning Methods
Can be Toxic & Harmful

• Creates Toxic Waste for Hazardous and Costly Disposal, Methods: Chemical Cleaning, Solvent Cleaning

• Secondary Waste in addition to toxic substrate,
Methods: Sand Blasting, Soda Blasting, Water Blasting

• Downstream Contamination effecting surrounding installations,
Methods: Sand, Soda or Water Blasting

• Harmful Work Environment Created,
Methods: Chemical & Solvent Cleaning, Inhalation from Sand Blasting. Workers are exposed to potentially harmful substances airborne and secondary waste.

• Kills Surrounding Vegetation,
Methods: Soda Blasting, Chemical & Solvent Cleaning


Environmental Facts
of Dry Ice Blasting
• This process is approved bythe EPA, FDA and the USDA
• Uses no contaminants or chemicals and therefore does not create any hazardous or secondary waste for clean up or special disposal
• Made from Liquid Carbon Dioxide, a by-product from other industrial processes
• The process does not create nor does it add CO2 to the atmosphere, therefore it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect

ISO 14001 Standards

With businesses becoming more concerned, aware and active within the environment, being recognized as an 'Eco-Friendly' company has its benefits as well. Dry Ice Blasting is the ideal cleaning method to help any company meet ISO 14000 standards and regulations.

For Government Environmental Management System Self-Assessment checklist for ISO 14001 here >>

Get A Greener Clean
With Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

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