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A Clean Machine is an
Efficient Machine

Day to day operations in a multitude of industries requiring the regular use of electrical and mechanic machinery can quickly and easily produce waste while attracting build up and grime. Dry Ice Blasting is an efficient process that removes oil, grime, fire damage, mold and other bacteria while preserving your machinery’s surface. This process will clean, help prevent malfunction or future electrical damage caused by grime build-up on equipment, while extending the lifespan of your machinery. Dry Ice Blasting will reduce material and equipment replacement costs and will decrease dollars needed to replace equipment while speeding up production and increasing quality in production

Improved Quality in Production

How fast and efficient your production line runs is essential to sales and profits. By introducing a regular Dry Ice Blasting cleaning routine you will ensure that your machines will run without frequent interruptions due to dirty equipment. Regular cleaning maintenance of machinery with Dry Ice Blasting will foster a quick production line and allow your company to produce your product faster with an overall result of increased productivity.

Reduce the cost of
Specialized Waste Disposal

Specialized waste disposal conducted by other contractors can be expensive. Most contractors require chemical materials including solvents not to mention requiring disassembly and reassembly time and the added cost of a contractor’s disposal of secondary waste. Dry Ice Blasting is a natural product that is inexpensive and can be applied by Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Technician without the extraordinary costs of chemical solvents or the cost to dispose of secondary waste.

Time Saving Cleaning
with Dry Ice Blasting

In your industry or business time equals money and many companies spend money and time on necessary cleaning projects that are vital to daily operation and production. Dry Ice Blasting systems will allow you to clean equipment or restore damage in a shorter amount of time thus allowing you to return to day to day business operations without days of production interruption. Dry Ice Blasting allows you to clean your machinery on the spot, there is no need to disassemble and move your machinery to an exterior location. Dry Ice Blasting is dry on impact and does not require drying time so production can resume immediately.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers several ways to clean your equipment in a non-toxic way:
  1. Contract Dry Ice Blasting Service: one phone call for an experienced crew, a complete package, or assistance, with equipment and consumables.
  2. Complete rental packages of Dry Ice equipment and consumables with delivery and pickup service.
  3. Dry Ice Cleaning equipment packages for purchase, featuring the Triblast-2 and nozzle case, the most versatile machine available at the lowest cost.

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