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The most successful, cost effective and consistent method
for mold remediation is Dry Ice Blasting. Unlike other media in a blast stream, dry ice does not damage or wear on plumbing or electrical, is fully adjustable in aggression, leaves no secondary waste, is a completely dry process, is extremely effective on black and green mold and can easily be integrated into existing remediation methodologies.

A More Thorough Cleaning by
Reaching Areas Other Methods Cannot

The Dry Ice Blast stream reaches the smallest cracks, creases and wood joints where wire brushes or hand cleaning cannot. This allows for a better evaluation of the damage otherwise hidden by smoke or soot, which is important after a fire for structural inspection, health and general maintenance.

Safe on Electrical

Dry Ice Blasting is superior to other cleaning methods because after cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting leaves a dry surface, eliminating the need for drying downtime and making it safe on electrical components and wiring, junction boxes, power panels, ductwork, and plumbing. Motors, control panels and electrical equipment are safe from short circuiting or equipment damage that is associated with any other cleaning method.

Benefits of Treating Mold With Dry Ice Blasting:
• Reduce remediation time by as much as 60-80% per project.
• Non-abrasive and will not damage plumbing or electrical
• 100% spore removal and kills organic contaminates
• No secondary waste
• Superior detailed cleaning in tight spots


“When you weigh the issues of time and cost, the most compelling benefit of the Dry Ice Blasting system is apparent - we are speeding up the restoration process.”

- (STRONE Restoration Professionals)

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers several
ways to Battle Mold:
  1. Equipment Sales
    The Triblast-2 Dry Ice Blaster is the preferred machine for restoration companies. This versatile machine is capable of low and high aggression with an easy dial on the control panel. While the capital cost is low, the ongoing consumable costs of ice and air are 50% lower than other dry ice machines.
  2. Contracting Services
    The widest range of dry ice blasting equipment and services are available to assist you in your remediation projects. Just one call to supply it all!
  3. Equipment Rentals
    Rental packages consist of equipment, training, dry ice delivery and pickup options.

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