Dry Ice Making

Instead of trying to guess how much dry ice will be needed for a project, Wickens offers portable equipment that can produce high density pellets on site.

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PE80 Pelletizer   |    RE80 Recovery Unit

PE80 Pelletizer

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PE80 Pelletizer

The Pelletizer enables the user to manufacture dry ice directly into the dry ice blasting machine or for chilling on site. High density pellets are produced onsite in any size from 1.7mm to 16mm. The unique PE80 Pelletizer from Triventek with it's patented system is for producing top quality dry ice pellets is a truly mobile manufacturing plant.

Constant Quality when and where it's wanted.

This revolutionary dry ice cleaning equipment sets new standards for producing dry ice. With the PE80, dry ice can be manufactured where and when its wanted - quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

It has always been difficult to calculate the precise amount of dry ice required for any particular operation. It's either too little or too much - it's unavoidable. Consequently there is non-productive working time, costly return visits or surplus material that deteriorates rapidly - all of which has a negative effect on margins and profits.

However, with the PE80 Pelletizer high density dry ice pellets can be in any size from 1.7mm to 16mm, i.e. micropellets, cleaning pellets and cooling nuggets can be manufactured locally at the point of usage. It is small, easy to locate and requires only a source of liquid CO2 and three-phase power. The PE80 is transported on a frame which can also be used as a stand-alone framework. Alternatively, it can be wall-mounted.

This dry ice blasting equipment piece can be integrated into a chilling process line for the food, pharmaceutical and other temperature-sensitive industries, and with the addition of a dry ice blaster machine, can be used for automated cleaning operations. It is recommended that a RE80 Recovery Unit is also used to maximize efficiency and productivity. The recycling becomes a continuous process and will reduce production costs by 50% and rapidly increase operating margins and profits. Payback periods under 12 months are easily achievable.

The low capital investment means that even low volume dry ice users can get cost and convenience advantages through making their own dry ice, as and when it's needed.

Technical Data:





Production Rate:

Power Consumption:

Power Supply:

Max Current:

Pressure Range:

Max Ambient Temp:

LC02 to Dry Ice Conversion
without recovery unit:

Lubrication Oil:

1000 mm

600 mm

1,560 mm

178/203 kg*

80 kg/hr @18bar

3 kW

575v 3ph

6,5 Amps

13 to 25 bar



Tribol 1100/460

* Wall Mounted/Transport Storage Frame


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RE80 Recovery Unit

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RE80 Recovery Unit

Escaping gas from the Pelletizer is collected and compressed back into liquid CO2 and reused to produce more dry ice pellets.

Normal dry ice production uses liquid CO2 which when depressurised converts just over half the volume into snow but the rest escapes and is lost. The snow is then compressed into dry ice pellets.

But, by using the revolutionary new RE80 Recovery Unit, all of the escaping gas is directed back, collected and reused to make more pellets. The unit converts liquid to solid in the ratio 1.12:1, compared to about 1.6:1 for old-fashioned ‘balloon’-type recovery technology.

The recycling becomes a continuous process and will reduce production costs by 50% and rapidly increase operating margins and profits. Payback periods under 12 months are easily achievable.

The small size unit is easily installed and can be integrated into a production or packing process along with the PE80 Pelletizer for manufacturing of dry ice in any size of pellets/nuggets ranging from 1.7mm (1/16") to 8mm (5/16").

The RE80 Recovery Unit now allows users to produce up to 80 kg/hour (175 lbs./hour) dry ice. Based on the 80 kg building blocks, multiple unit systems can be built up to produce any quantity of dry ice with outstanding operational and economic efficiency.

The operator-friendly design is simplicity itself, requiring just one switch to activate. The RE80 Recovery is a dry ice blasting machine with many benefits and capabilities.

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