Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Dry Ice Cleaning is a revolutionary commercial cleaning process that requires specialized Dry Ice Blasting Equipment.

In addition to our Triventek line of Dry Ice Blasting Equipment and accessories, Wickens now offers the Viking Series, which features compact, portable dry ice blasting machines that have been designed for use in challenging environments.

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Viking Series

Wickens' newest equipment line is the Viking Series, featuring the Viking 3000 and the Viking Mini dry ice blasting machines. Both have been designed ...

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Blasting Equipment

From blasting machines to air preparation units to portable dryers, Wickens has all the equipment you need to carry out a dry ice blasting project. Ch...

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Dry Ice Making

Instead of trying to guess how much dry ice will be needed for a project, Wickens offers portable equipment that can produce high density pellets on s...

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Equipment for Sale

Depending on the size of your cleaning project, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting can provide your company with Dry Ice Blasting machines and Dry Ice Blasting ...