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5 Reasons to use Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Reason #1:
Increase Uptime Through In-place Cleaning

The process is fast, thorough, and can be performed on-line without disassembly and without need for drying time.

Reason #2:
Cleans without damaging the substrate

Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive. It quickly removes most contaminates without damage to switches, panels, lines, tubes, wiring or belts.

Reason #3:
Reduces or eliminates the need for hazardous solvents

Dry Ice Blasting replaces chemical or solvent based cleaning and manual scrapping.

Reason #4:
Quicker and more thorough than cleaning by hand

Get a more detailed and quicker clean with CO2 by getting into tight spaced areas inaccessible by hand.

Reason #5:
Safe around electrical components

This versatile process cleans heavy industrial build up without damage to sensitive areas like electrical components, switches, wiring, photo electric sensors, etc