Dry Ice Blasting
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cleaning method

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Quick recovery
from smoke
and fire damage

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The Viking3000 was developed in close co-operation with a customer, who had...

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Viking Mini

The Viking Mini is the ideal choice for those companies, who would like to ...

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Blaster- Triblast – 3: One Blaster, Many Applications

The dry ice blasting machine for everybody. This dry ice cleaning machine i...

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Pelletizer–Dry Ice on Tap

The Pelletizer enables the user to manufacture dry ice directly into the dr...

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“No job is too big for Wickens Dry Ice Blasting”


Wickens Dry Ice Blasting is located just outside of Toronto, serving Southern Ontario. Dry Ice Cleaning can help whether you're in need of a small and simple home project or in need of restoring an industrial sized plant.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has the necessary, portable Dry Ice Blasting equipment, nozzles and expertise to get the job done. Speak to our highly specialized Dry Ice Cleaning experts today!

The Dry Ice Blast Cleaning process uses pellets made through a process of taking Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and expanding it to produce a snow like substa...

The Dry Ice Blast Cleaning process eliminates so many of the negative elements associated with cleaning that it literally pays for itself! Dry Ice Blasting...

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning or CO 2 blasting is an industrial cleaning system which is non-abrasive, non-toxic and completely dry with no residual blast media c...

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Articles and Resources

Blog Photo Fire Restoration Project WTS

Wickens successfully completes a large-scale fire restoration project in only 10 days

A fire can be devastating for any business. Even after the safety of employees has been assured, the loss of equipment and...

schools out for summer

School’s out for summer

Wickens carries out a restoration project at an Oshawa Public School Like any other material, concrete is susceptible to the elements and tends...

good for the environment cropped

Good for business, good for the environment

Dry Ice Blasting is the eco-friendly solution With all that is reported about climate change and the effects of pollution on the...

Why Choose Wickens for Your Next Project?

pays for itself
Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Pays For Itself

Here it from our customers!
"Since we've started using
Wickens Dry Ice Blasting,
our productivity has
increased by 30%"

comparison chart2
Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Comparison Chart

The Dry Ice Blasting process
is superior to blasting with
sand, glass beads and other
types of cleaning methods
for numerous reasons. As an
Eco-friendly cleaning...

5 Reasons to Use Dry Ice Cleaning

Still not convinced on the
benefits of Dry Ice Blast
Cleaning? The 5 Reasons
sum up the benefits of using
Dry Ice Blasting vs other
Dry Ice Cleaning methods...

Dry Ice Blasting is an Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaning Method

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is environmentally friendly and safe, leaving little to no carbon footprint compared to other industrial cleaning methods. Dry Ice Blasting is an ideal cleaning method to help any company meet an ISO 14000 standard. Dry Ice Blasting creates no secondary waste, no harmful gases, and requires no special removal. Dry Ice Blast cleaning meets the guidelines of the USDA, EPA, and the FDA.

  • Environmental Facts about Dry Ice Blasting
  • Wikipedia listing: ISO 14000
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Self-Assessment Checklist

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